Game Demo: Sophie’s Friends

Play Sophie’s friends here

Want to try only specific type of calculations? No problem, there’s a different level for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. And if you’re willing to try all types, you can dive into All Random -level and give it a go! Help the animals open postal packages by solving calculations and earn up to three stars on each level based on how well you did! Don’t worry, you can try as many times as you want and reset your score whenever you like through the main menu.

Our goal when working on this game was to make a colourful and fun world for children to test their math skills in, so that doing calculations would not seem like a task and instead it would be more entertaining.

We aimed to make the gameplay simple, and the user interface easily navigated, so that as little time as possible would go into learning the mechanics and the focus would remain in the actual goal of the game.

The original idea came from Malta’s school, from a girl called Sophie, who wished to have a game where a giraffe had lost its spots and the player would help get them back through solving math problems. We liked her idea, and even though we adjusted it as the development progressed, we wanted to honour Sophie’s creativity by naming this game after her.

Team Lead




Matti Rinkinen

Rita Määttä

Debby Tarujoki

Sauli Komscha