Are you an educator and have an idea for a digital educational game? Great! In the GIGA project you have the opportunity to realize your game idea, supported by mentors in the field of game design and students in the field of game development. Free of charge!

Submit your game idea using the form below. We will contact you afterwards and clarify all further steps with you.

GIGA Games Idea submission form
Give your game idea a name - this can be temporary and can be changed later.
Describe the subject or subjects your game will incorporate. Cross-curricular themes are encouraged.
Who should play your game? How old are the students who are to play the game?
If there are any texts or a speech in the game, in which language or languages should this be implemented?
What learning objectives are to be achieved by using your game in the classroom? Keep in mind that the learning objectives do not all have to be achieved by playing the game itself. Often, the learning objectives are only achieved through the didactic embedding of the game.
Do you have one or more game genres in mind that would be a good fit for your game? Please type 'not sure' if you do not know what genre you prefer.
Imagine your game already existed, how would you describe it? Try to express your concrete game idea here.
How do you imagine the game being used in class? Is the game supposed to be an impulse to be discussed afterwards or is there a different didactic approach? Should the game be played only once or several times?
Do you already have an idea what your game will look like? If so, describe the desired art style. Feel free to use references to other games, media or artwork you like. Please submit images as links to images or screenshots uploaded to imgur or similar websites. If you are not sure how to do this, keep your screenshots until we reach out to you.