Platform Update

It has been quite a busy few months here at Project GIGA. After a very intense, hectic but rewarding meeting in Malta in May, we finalized the main components we want to see on the GIGA platform. After several hours of brainstorming, this is what we ended up with : 

Perfectly clear right? :)!  

Fair to say we had a lot of ideas, and turning them into a real platform has been an interesting project. Good news is that we have most of the major pieces in place, with the Project Management features coming very shortly.

We wanted to find a solution that allows easy but targetted communication amongst people participating on a project. Originally we had considered a forum type solution, or something like slack, plugged into the website. But at the same time we wanted to avoid endless meandering discussions that go off topic, while also allowing effective management of actual tasks. We believe we have identified a solution that allows us to achieve all of these goals … and you will see it very soon!